Our Mission...


Masterpiece Portable Tables are handcrafted, designed by Chiropractors for Chiropractors. The Ultulux 19 portable chiropractic table has an unbelievable static weight resistance of 1400kg or 3080lbs! That’s more than twice of anything we’ve found that’s out there.

Why so much...

Chiropractic tables must be able to handle high impact forces and large weight capacities. Very different than “Massage” tables that are out there which break when adjusting on.

Masterpiece Tables have unique weight bearing and additional support systems that increase the weight capacities all while keeping the portable table… PORTABLE!

At just 9kg or 19lbs it's a truly portable table that you can grab and go anywhere.

A portable chiropractic table to take you places you've never been

The CHIRO Ultralux 19 by Masterpiece tables is truly a professional work of Art. A combination of quality, strength and lightness. Masterpiece tables are handcrafted to deliver the “Exceptional Chiropractic Experience

Quality you have never seen

The #1 portable chiropractic table in Europe is now available in the USA. The CHIRO Ultralux 19 is hand crafted and uses the highest quality materials. Weighing at only 9kg it can be taken anywhere and set up in a matter of seconds. MASTERPIECE Tables is dedicated in serving Exceptional Chiropractic Tables.

The CHIRO UltraLux 19 has some of the highest quality features.

The headrest is fully adjustable with 10 different positions tilting up to fully dropping down. It has a unique height-adjustment technology with visible numbers to quickly adjust the height of the table. It has a dual foam compression compound to make it perfect for adjusting on as well as comforting to be lying on. The third stability feature increases the durability and strength of the table reinforced by a unique certified cable system with special connection bolts. A sliding bushing system makes it totally free from noise so the adjustment can be done in complete silence. It also has a durable latch that keeps the table closed.

Information and Descriptions

Technical Information

Legs Construction: Aluminum
Height Range: 45cm-72cm
Length when opened: 170cm
Length when closed: 70cm
Width: 50cm
Weight: 9kg
Dynamic Resistance: 350Kg
Static Resistance: 1400Kg
Warranty*: 3 Years
Return Policy**: 30 days

Warranty and Returns

*Masterpiece Tables offers a 3 year warranty on all its Tables. The warranty covers any defective materials and/or craftsmanship. The warranty does not include any damage caused by accident, misuse, damages upon shipping and/or neglect.

**Masterpiece Tables offers a 30 day return on your order excluding shipping and a 10% restocking fee. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone depending on the circumstance. Once the order has been returned, we’ll issue the refund. Your refund will be credited back to you in the same manner it was received.